Friday, 30 July 2010


Well we all know, I like my trends and my catwalk looks but what about my style! HOW DOES THE FASHION JUNKSTER DRESS!?
Well I'd say my style is a bit indie and very vintage. Being a youngster I'm slowly looking around and figuring out what my actual style is but I think I've become very weary that I'm more of a trendsetter than a trend follower.

I'm known very much for getting my pins out and I always hated my thighs until I say this photo of them. Like WOW! They look like bloody Jamelia's. You know Jamelia from back in the day, beware of the dog ring a bell? YES! HER! ME!? LUCKY BEEEE I know. So after seeing this lovely picture which I'm wearing a light denim shirt, no-sleeves, I decided I wouldn't be able to go out in public in it. Well I would be but I'd have trouble bending down and picking things up. I'm all for underwear as outerwear but bridgette jones pants? Really?

In this next unflattering picture, I'm trying out some double denim and lordy good Jesus, I think I look quite terrible but what do you think? I'm only putting this picture up because the double denim trend is HOT on fire kids. Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof have proclaimed that they love triple denim. The double denim trend does in fact go hand in hand with the whole Americana look (aww, us poor brits want our own trend too. don't worry, no one in the world could live without our tweed jackets and brogues, NO ONEEEE!).

Lastly, I've got my vintage jumper (which I really do adore darlings), my jeans which I;m wearing in my other photos, and my brogue heels which I love but I can't wear out lol because I'm not a huge heel person. It's crazy isn't it? I LOVE heels. I spend loads of my dosh on them but I CAN NOT wear them. I remember it was my birthday and I went out for a meal with my mates and then after, we all hit the town. Oh my giddy gosh! I had to take them off and run to Primark to buy myself some pumps for two quid because my heels were killing me so much. I'm a very mad one in the head but I tell you what, flat shoes bore me :/ so if you have a gorgie flat shoe finds then email me and I'll definitely make a whole post all about those flat shoes!

Back to my outfit. The buttons on my knitted jumper are gorgeous and I could easily buy some different buttons and sew them on but I wont because this jumper was my first every vintage buy. The jumper and these earrings which were TWO quid only. Can you believe it!?

The heel are hypnotic, a shop that can be found all around the West Midlands as far as I know! It's womanswear + shoes for 7.99 and less. Great value but you do get a few dodgy things in there. I still like it though.
That's it from me and my style though darlings.

Peace out and fashion forever baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbeeeeeyyy!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010


I'm sorry people for me being away for the while. My internet hasn't been working but my mind sure has.
I recently decided what I really want to do and it's quite detailed. I emailed a vintage jewellery boutique, Fallen Saint, for some work experience and even though they couldn't give me any (I'm unfortunately too young) I did get a load of advice. I think I want to become a Fashion Journalist until I'm in a really good, high position then when I'm in my thirties, I'll open my own vintage designer boutique in New York, London, Paris and all those notable fashion landmarks. Whey heey me, eh!?

Anyways, enough about moi and my dreams. I've been getting really wet weather, here in the UK and God damit, we need a splash of colour and here it is darlings!

Emanuel Unugaro is a label I've never really heard of but here's a bit about his label. It was founded by Emanuel Ungaro, a French designer who was also once an assistant to Balenciaga. The label is known for having appointed Lindsay Lohan as it's Artistic Director a while ago (though she stopped working there and is in jail now. poor gal). The head designer of the label is Estrella Archs, a spainiard but it's announced that Giles Deacon will soon be taking over.
The A/W collection is full of splashes of reds, satin and a lotta lbd's too. The draping and intricate designs are beautiful and I think if I was wearing anyone of these outfits, I'd defintitely pop out in the rain. The collection is very bold and in season which I absolutely adore it! And from these pictures, I'm showing you, I think you'll be loving it too.
Check the rest out at maire claire!

That's it from me darlings, high fashion today, high street fashion tommorrow.

Peace out and fashion forever!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Don't you just love them. They show off your body, make you look taller and are just very appealing. Well that's what some people think. One of my friends told me that they look a bit like what grannies wear!!! Can you believe that? Can you see your gran wearing a maxi dress!? mmm, well it depends actually. Some grans look rather lovely whilst others are a bit too wrinkly for maxi dresses, maybe a nice cardigan would do the trick but then again, we shouldn't under-estimate the older woman (grannies & co) as they know much more about fashion than any of us young, hip fashionistas do.

Enough about grannies though, it's all about the new trend of maxi dresses and there are loads everywhere. River Island even have a complete section on their site dedicated to maxi dresses so you should definitely head over there. I'm buying a maxi dress soon so when I get a picture of moi in it, you'll definately be all hearing how to wear them.

Next on my list of unbeatabal trends is NAUTICAL! Nautical fashion is soo 2010. It's been featured in fashion shows and is all about sailors and being in marines! I like it. It's pulled off really well and can look absolutely goregous. The only problem I have with it is that you can have too much sailor. The plus side is since it's red, blue and white, I can turn the look into a slightly british theme too as well as my beloved americana, which I'll be writing about very soon.

Celebs love it too as here, Becki Newton (from Ugly Betty - don't you looove that show!!) is looking nearly nautical at new york fashion week which I really do adore. She's working it but not too much. Just enough to show that she's following the trend which I think I'd do

All in all Nautical is all about patterns and Chanel shows us that it isn't all about red, blue and white in their Resort 2010. Nautical reminds me a bit of French Girl who's travelled the world and has come back with her crazy american boyfriend, wanting to show the world about her styllle!!!

I now love Nautical after converting myself during this post so get out those strippy tops, high-waisted shorts and sailors hats because thy ship is ready so AHOY!! FASHIONISTAS!!!

Peace out and Fashion Forever babyyy, yeaaah!!

Monday, 19 July 2010


SHORTS! Denim, floral, anykind will do the trick for this summer. My homeboy MJ (Marc Jacobs) has been flaunting vintage-esque shorts on his catwalk and they really are gorgeous. These shorts were featured on his RTW Spring 2010. As well as the shorts, the top part of the outfit is very much in with the trend of underwear-as-outwear which although I love, I don't think I'd ever have the guts to wear my knickers to town.

Denim - denim shorts are very yess, especially boyfriend shorts which Jessica Szohr seems to be wearing perfectly. Strapped for cash? Grab a pair of your own normal jeans (Or your boyfriends!) and cut them to the right size. ripping them in all the right areas. Ripped jeans have a great festival feel to them with Jess' arm candy (Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass. C.ocky New Yorker and English Charmer! The best of both worlds, definitely)I'm sure all of us very convinced.

Floral - with the summery (is that a word?) feel, floral shorts are absolutely gorgeous with a nice tank and sandles. Asos have some goregous ones on SALE for only a tenner!!! -click- to check 'em out darlings!

Short shorts - If you've got the legs then go for it girlfriend!!! Even you boys! Cristiano Ronaldo had his pair on whilst he was recovering a while ago on holiday.

That's it from me though kids so get yours shorts 'cause it's summmmmmmmerrr!

Peacce out and Fashion Forever babyyy!!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010


I, fashion junkster, pledge to inject this blog with all kinds of fashion shizz whenever I can, starting now!

It's Summer and everyone is making there way to festivals and barbeques. Winter clothing is out and summer trends are sweeping in. The boho sheek look is very in along with all kinds of shorts and maxi dresses. Florals are a big yes too so get shopping ladies because the summer is here!!!

WAIT! You have no money? You're unfortunately broke? DIY baby. I found this glorious site which has many DIY tutorials. One which I found very summery was a festival tank that's very easy to make. All you need is a pair of scissors, a T-Shirt and after cutting it up here and there, you have a top that cost you next to nothing, whilst in Topshop would've cost you £20 or $30 or even €40!!!

Alot of celebs are sporting the whole summer fonando and Pixie Lott seems to be doing it perfectly. The dirty boots trend from winter has crept into the summer trend and I know that I'm dying to get myself some. I'll probably get mine vintage but Topshop and New Look have some gorgeous ones for good prices and they're both on SALE right now so if you head to your nearest store ASAP, you might get them cheaper :-D

Sadly, that's it from me and my first blog post though.

Hope you're all having an awesome summer!

Peace out and Fashion Forever baby!!!